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We provide Mediation & Conflict Coaching Services


We mediate Pro Se parties and parties who are represented. If the case is uncontested then mediation would be the ideal way to go.


Conflict Coaching

If you are going through a legal battle or anticipate a situation that will lead to the court system, you might want to consider hiring a Conflict Coach.

Our Conflict Coaching service includes

  • Conflict Review

  • Story boarding a conflict

  • Collection of details related to the conflict

  • Mapping out conflict players/situations

  • Removing fluff out of the conflict and getting to the Point

  • Creating various conflict resolution paths

  • Determining the optimum path that would save time, money and stress

  • Creating a conflict resolution trajectory

  • Implementing the trajectory

  • Working towards a resolution!

To learn more about why you would want to hire a conflict coach or what difference a conflict coach can make click here.

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