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Online Mediation

We conduct online mediation. This method has given parties a great deal of flexibility and comfort. Call us to learn more!

Why hire a Conflict Coach?

Entering into the realm of disputes that requires some legal maneuvering? Know what your options are. How many of us have gone rushing to a lawyer for an initial consultation? Not many lawyers offer free consultation anymore. They atleast charge you anywhere from $150 to $300 an hour. If you go to 2 or 3 lawyers for your initial consultation, here goes your $500 to $700 dollars. Don't go rushing to a lawyer, there are other alternatives. 

Conflict is not easy to naviagate. When you have a conflict how do you deal with it? Do you hire a lawyer? Do you involve a family member or a friend who can help you and the other side work through the conflict? These are all good and viable options, but there comes a time when you really want someone who can champion your interests and be on your side and who can guide you through the path of anticipation so that you are well prepared. 

Conflict that does not escalate to a legal platform can be resolved through the help of family or friends. At times when conflict can be life changing for e.g. Divorce, Legitimation, Child Custody, Child support, Alimony, Elderly care, HOA and have some serious financial and life style implications, it is a good idea to consider including a competent Conflict Coach who can be at your corner and be your well wisher and have the knowledge and expertise to mentor you through out your Conflict resolution journey.

Our conflict coaching services can give you a sense of what you are getting into in a conflict. The conflict coach will work with you to learn about your conflict and what are some of the optimum paths available to you. There are many ways to resolve conflict and fighting it out in court should be the last option. Other alternative approaches can save you time, money and can also turn out to be good for your mental health.

Conflict Coaching

Want to be in control of your dispute/conflict?

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