Disputes do not

need to drain you




Disputes do not need to drain you

Financially | Mentally | Emotionally



Payment to...
One Mediator
Both Parties
Final decision made by...
Likely to be amicable
Relations between parties are...


Each party's lawyers
Court Judge
Likely to be scarred in the end
Conversation is controlled by...
Both parties via mediator

What is mediation?

Mediation is a facilitative process that allows parties to communicate and negotiate their issues.

Who is a mediator?

A Mediator is a neutral, trained professional who facilitates negotiation/resolution among parties.

Can lawyers be in the session?

Yes. Parties can be represented in mediation. A mediator will conduct mediation with the lawyers and the parties present.

What does Pro Se mean?

Pro Se is a party with no attorney. Pro Se parties are self represent.

Where is mediation held?

Mediation can happen in a lawyer's office (if parties are represented) or court house (if it is a court ordered mediation). Private mediation can happen at a venue which is agreed upon by both parties.

Can a mediator help parties work through the Child Support worksheet & Parenting plan during Mediation?

A Mediator can help parties come up with the Child Support worksheet and the Parenting plan which is suited for them and which both agreed upon.

How is a mediator paid?

Most mediator work on an hourly basis. The beauty of mediation is that both parties divide the cost into half! There are some court systems that would give 1 or 2 hours of free mediation before parties are required to pay.

What is the end result if both parties are able to resolve their issues in mediation?

If both parties come to an agreement for all issues during mediation, the end result is a Mediation Agreement. This agreement is signed by both parties.


Nadiya Merchant is on the roster for majority of the counties in Georgia. She performs both private and court ordered mediation throughout the state of Georgia. Nadiya also performs mediation nationally and internationally! 

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